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Total Adventure

Expert or novice, go out on an excursion with other participants and experiment  the fun and freedom
 of snowbiking.
Seize the opportunity to experience an initiation to the search of avalanche
victims with ARVA (Avalanche Victim Research Device) and discover the organization of a rescue team during an avalanche.
Dog sledding ride
You will race over the snow with your team of dogs and experience the thrill of working with huskies.
This recreational activity will require team spirit, initiative and competition.
Orienteering race
Contrary to other races, the orienteering race does not require only speed but reflexion aswell in order to find the shortest way to arrive first at Andorra.
Precision and attention, fluidity of movements, dexterity and mental strength: archery is an art!
Snow sports
Experiment various well-known sports with one particularly tough challenge: you have to play on snow!
Ex: snow volleyball, snow football , snow golf and snow rafting.
Timed Giant slalom
Hurdle down the ski slopes as fast as you can!

Igloo building
Build a classic igloo block by block. Experience the highlight of putting the last block into your own snow house!

Coaching & Relax

Coaching experience

 Coaching pofessionals are at your disposal, for groups of a maximum of 15 people, to help you with stimulation exercises, brainstorming, self-diagnosis exercices and theoretical training. All of these exercices will be delt with in a fun, cultural or sportive way. Here are a few examples of coaching experiences you could engage in:

Team communication: better relations within a team in order to improve productivity.

Interpersonnal communication: learn new communication skills, to better communicate with your partners.

Team building: strengthen the bounds of an existing and efficient team.

Managing changes: understand and accept changes in order to adapt in the most effective way possible.

Time management: learn how to work more effectively by organising your time.

Stress management: evaluate and reduce the effects of stress in your company and your work environment.


♦ Caldea is Europe's largest recreational spa complex. It is located in the Pyenees mountains and offers over 6000 square meters of indoor and outdoor lagoons, saunas, jacuzzis, grapefruit pools, an Aztecian pool, Indo-Roman baths, waterfalls and cascades, bubble beds, warm marble slates, and much more to discover!
♦ Imagine a place where everything is light and space. A place where you can forget tiredness, stress and routine. A unique spa complex where  you will find peace and calm thanks to the beneficial effects of thermal water in all possible forms (Japanese, Roman, Finnish).