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Unusual Activities

Discover hidden slopes and forgotten valleys with acres of powder just waiting to be skied (in security with qualified professionals).

Snowshoeing on the Mer de Glace
With a high mountain guide, experience snow-shoeing on the famous Mer de Glace in the Alps where you will hear the ice moving, examine crevasses and enjoy these incredible sights of nature.

Ice fall climbing
Ice falls are an impressive and enchanting natural phenomenon that will amaze you.
These easy to use, large volume water falls provide a wide range of difficulties so there is something to experience for everyone.

Dog sledding ride
You will race over the snow with your team of dogs and experience the thrill of working with huskies.

Multi Activities


Panoramic helicopter flight
Hover above peaks, scale the glaciers, soar across the valley - an unforgettable way to see the Alps.
Ex of fligths:
Les Drus – Aiguille Verte - 10 minutes,
Les Grandes Jorasses – 15 minutes,
Les Trois Mont-blanc - 20 minutes,
The Big One – Spanning the massif and Mont Blanc- 30 minutes
You will fly in tandem with one of our qualified parapente pilots and witness some of the most spectacular scenery in the Alps ! Flight descending approximately 1000 metres – about 20 minutes, facing the Mont Blanc!

Day, half day, evening, you can choose your activities or "play" a challenge for a perfect "seminaire's trip" in Chamonix. ! It's up to you!





Evening Activities

Old Sledges Night

Canadian snow-shoeing and dinner in a mountain chalet, with possibility to go back to the hotel with a paret, the traditional sledge from Haute-Savoie.


Dinner in a typical mountain restaurant

Discover the best mountain meals in a warm atmosphere and a typical mountain chalet. Possibility of snowshoeing to go to the restaurant.