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Unusual Activities

Ice diving

Dive into a magical world with a professional of diving. Swim under 30cm to 1,50 meter of ice in the natural lake of Tignes. You will be fascinated by this subaquatic amosphere.


Dog sledding ride
You will race over the snow with your team of dogs and experience the thrill of working with huskies.


Ice fall climbing
Ice falls are an impressive and enchanting natural phenomenon that will amaze you.
These easy to use, large volume water falls provide a wide range of difficulties so there is something to experience for everyone.


You will fly in tandem with one of our qualified parapente pilots and witness some of the most spectacular sceneries in the Alps! Flight descending approximately 1000 metres in about 20 minutes, facing the Mont Blanc!


Multi Activities

Snow-shoes and helicopter expedition
Snow-shoeing in the most remote place around Val d'Isère until you meet a natural barriere: the lake! The only way to go back to the resort is by helicopter... Sensations garanteed!


Snow Olympics
Thanks to these multiple activities inspired from Winter Olympic Games, your participants will do their best to succeed in the challenges they will face: biathlon, snow scooter, hockey, sledge, snow mountain bike. Activities adapted to skiers and non-skiers.


Sports World Tour
Five countries of the world are represented in 5 sports: Japan for sumo fights, Scotland for golf, New Zealand for rugby, England for cricket and Canada for hockey. Your teams will face each other in a friendly atmosphere.


Driving on ice
This ice circuit recreates the difficulties one can face everyday on the road. Your teams will test their ability to master their driving inside the cars, quads and buggies, on ice, snow and with fog.


Evening Activities

Trapper evening
In the middle of Killy Space, a yourt and tipis are set. This is where you are going to enjoy the best typical meal of the Alps: the fondue. You will then take your sledge under the sky full of stars and go sledging down to your village.

Multi-gliding evening
The teams will face each other in multi-gliding slaloms. On program: trikke, snow-cycle, snow-blades, snow-scoot & luge. Some « village fête » activities are also available: lamb weighing, hidden chicken, wood-cutting, blind tasting, general knowledge quizz. Typical savoyard dinner in a restaurant.

Ibiza Night
Take the privatised funicular until you reach 2700m of altitude. You will then ski down to a trendy mountain restaurant with a DJ. After dinner, sledge back to your resort with the traditional sledge: the paret !